Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Deathwing Relic Contemptor Dreadnought update

I have to apologize for the lengthy pause in posts again.  Lots of things going on lately and my focus has been off.  However I do have at least a little progress to report on several items.  Tonight I'll stick to the Relic Contemptor that I was repairing after some serious build errors on my part.

One of the things I had to contend with for this model was the fact that I had already very nearly finished it's paint.  Let me tell you it isn't easy to go back to the modeling phase of a resin model like this when you've already gotten that far.  One thing I have noticed though is that even though I've got quite a lot of paint on this beastie the additions aren't actually hurting anything.  I had chosen to go with a weathered look on this Dread and what I've added to it for the moment is blending in well enough.  I'm optimistic let's say.

So, here you can see the stage I have left off on since the last post.

As you can probably tell I did a repair on the resin parts that were drilled out, really just the abdomen piece shown on the upper left.  The other parts I masked with blue tack and re-primed where I had previously failed to get any paint at all.  This was delicate because I wanted to preserve the bleached bone color of the Deathwing scheme on all the parts.  So, the two smaller pieces now have black primer where shortly there will be metallics and weathering added, as well as the underside of the upper torso.  Where needed I will remove small sections of paint for more secure glue bonding during assembly.

I can tell you that this is an extremely important model for me.  I've owned it for nearly two years now and have really wanted to see it shine out there.  The main reason it's been so long on the shelf and work table is that after I made the mistake in magnetizing the body, I just didn't have the stomach to tear it apart.  I'd like to give at least some credit to a buddy on the Warmaster, Dirty Harry, for giving me the nudge I needed to tackle the repair work finally.  

The model itself is kitted out to be a ranged combatant rather than a melee one, though I do have a very nice close combat weapon build for this with full magnetization, including the palm weapon.  It has the option for the hull mounted missile launcher as well as a Mortis configuration for the Kheres pattern Assault Cannons, giving it the ability for Interceptor and Skyfire.  A nice weapons package for the Contemptor.  I'd like to pick up the two Twin-linked Autocannons as well but that will wait for a bit.  As soon as there is more progress I will post it.  In the meantime I might make some entries detailing the work I did on the close combat arm and maybe the base, which is a favorite of mine.

To be continued...