Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Work table update: Space Marines

Hello, yet again!

Three times today in fact!  Lol, it's not going to be regular that I do that but I had some things waiting to get posted here.  

Right now I'm going to post up a little progress I've made for my Space Marine allies.  As I'm sure many can tell I'm a very big fan of the Dark Angels and so I do have a sizable force for the First Legion.  One day though, not long before 7th edition 40k came out, I decided that I really liked how allies were shaping up as a prospect for my collection.  I bought the Space Marine Codex and started to figure out what I was interested in.  Of all the great options available a few stood out to me and one in particular was right up my alley.

Sergeant Torias Telion is a Character for the Ultramarines, and what a guy.  I mean, who doesn't love a legendary sniper!  So right away I knew I had to get this figure and actually attempt to use Space Marine Scouts as a regular addition to my forces.  Of course as a collector I didn't stop with Sgt. Telion, or Ultramarines, but that's another story altogether.  Here though I present to you my WIP Sgt. Telion figure in all his glory.

Now, the Sgt. here is certainly a ways off from completion but I figure he's about 50% finished.  I took these pics to send to Kris Belleau and get his impression on the flesh mainly.  I had decided that he was a bit pale and that I wanted him to have a bit more tan color on his head.  I mean, who ever heard of a Veteran Soldier who never went outside!  Anyway I have done a bit more and addressed the flesh tone since then, and I'll get those up later.  You might also notice I'm using the Soda bottle top grips I built earlier in the blog.

So, questions?  Comments?  I'd love to hear any feedback on this guy or any other chatter that's on peoples minds!  Please share if you like and I'll hopefully see you later!

Deathwing Relic Contemptor Update

Hello again!

As previously mentioned I'm building up some update material for the blog here.  Right now I've got news regarding my old Deathwing Contemptor some of you may remember.  This poor bastard was sitting on my shelf for nearly two years after a very anticipated purchase at the Chicago Games Day in 2012.  In truth I was so excited to have this thing back then that I started on it as soon as I returned home, but all was not to turn out as I'd hoped.

At that time I was feverishly trying as many  new hobby techniques as I could.  I had found a guy who was selling a box full of cheap airbrush supplies plus a compressor and tried that out and I was also testing my limits with magnetization of models.  The airbrush equipment is a whole other story but the tale of this Contemptor Dreadnought can't be told without the nightmare of botched magnetization.

If you go back into my previous posts you'll find the story which tells how I made a key mistake in the torso of this guy.  A little after you can see where I finally got the courage up to attempt a rescue.  Today I'm back with a little more progress!

Just below you will see the images I most recently collected of where it now stands.  Not 100% but certainly on his way.  See what you think!

This model has been pretty important to my progress in model hobby.  I tried out many techniques for the first time while working on it and I think that shows a bit.  When compared to newer projects there are times you can see a difference in the sophistication of my style as well.  Perhaps later I'll do some comparisons and show what I mean.  But, the extra pics here have made the post a bit gangly so I'll head on for now.

Questions?  Comments?  Send them my way because I love to chat about the hobby.  Please share if you like my blog and come back and see me soon!

Work Table update

As promised I do have some more pics for the blog.  

This is an update from my work table in fact.  I've been coordinating with a couple of local friends to try and get some more armies finished so that we can get some more games under our belts and even do batreps in the future.  It's a worthy goal but it's not easy to keep up the progress.  However I have had some success.

In this case one of my pals is interested in playing and he owns some models, but he really doesn't want to paint.  We've had some long conversations about this in fact.  Ultimately I sort of volunteered my services to help him get his models finished up.  He has a small Tyranid force of some mixed unit types.  Anyway I decided to ask him what he liked aesthetically and we came up with a green and brown scheme.  

See what you think of the prototype Carnifex model for his army(still WIP):

Here's another shot of this beastie.  Keep in mind I'm working to clean up some brush strokes as I go.

In fact these pics are slightly old since I have done a bit more work since then.  I'll be sure to add more as I continue.  But, what do you all think?  I'm pretty happy with the colors so far and might add just a couple more accents to the "weapon" parts of these Nids.

Questions?  Comments?  Please let me know what you think and if you like my posts please share!