Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just some fun.... With Magnets!

Hey there again.

Wait, are you slightly surprised I posted twice today?  Don't be.  The truth is right now I've got a lot of items building up to talk about so hopefully you'll get to see more of that.  Here though I just wanted to quickly share a bit of fun.  

Since I magnetize models frequently I've built up some differing pieces and pretty soon I'll include some details on my style of magnetizing models.  Here's a little teaser that's literally just, FUN WITH MAGNETS!  ;)

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I'm Back! Check this out!

Hello Internet!

It's been an excessively long time since I posted to this blog and for that I have to apologize.  There have been some personal problems for me lately and it just became lost in the shuffle.  Chiefly was that I was in a Motorcycle accident back in the middle of the summer and while I'm still not 100% back to normal I'm now doing much better.  The good news is, I'm back!

One thing about being injured and stuck inside is that I had a lot of time to think and look at my life.  Without getting too deep I can say by this time I've become reinvigorated to work on my hobbies and produce relevant and high quality content.  I'm not going to sit here and promise a certain schedule or anything but I'm going to definitely be producing content regularly.  In the future I might even escalate things a bit...  We'll see.

So for this post I wanted to say hello again and to add in a little interview video I took part in with Mr. Kris Belleau of YouTube fame as Miniwargamer Kris, a.k.a. The Name Butcherer, a.k.a.  "Hey you!  Get off my lawn!"  Lol, well you have to know his show to get the jokes but here's hoping you do.  If not, get with it and check him out.  I learn a lot from Kris all the time.  

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