Thursday, November 20, 2014

So little time lately...

Hey to the blog!

I've been forced to be scarce since the last post for a few reasons.  Planning to get back soon with some more updates and material.  Just thought I'd drop in and give a brief as I can be update on what's keeping me busy.

Since I was injured in the summer I was out of work on disability.  My injury actually caused me to miss out on a lot of hobby time for a good while unfortunately but eventually I got back to it.  After that another car accident in my family caused even more difficulties.  Thankfully it wasn't major other than damage to our primary vehicle but this was another setback.  

Just recently I've been able to get back to work part-time, and just today we got our car back.  To top it all off my mother-in-law has been in town for almost two weeks from overseas!  Lol, you might see where between rehabilitation of my body, family and work commitments, and trying to squeeze in hobby time, I've just not been able to get the blog fed.  No more though and certainly no long gaps like after my injury.  Coming up very soon will be some more hobby update including Tyranids, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, perhaps some Orks, and even a new project I've been working on for a homemade Star Wars wargame!

Stick around and see what comes up next!