Friday, December 5, 2014

Touching base and update

It's been a little bit now since I was able to get to the blog.  It's been really busy at home and I've actually hit some trouble making progress on models at the moment.  Recently we've had holidays, relatives, and more work to do than in awhile.  Plus I look over at my table and it is packed!  Funny though I'm still shopping new models for Christmas!

Well, I've slowly been building up some Orks for 40k.  I've got a couple of the old Assault on Blackreach sets to use and that gives me some great models to start with.  Also I have several Space Marine projects and my Tyranids.  Besides this I recently found a new Star Wars toy that is something like plastic army men.  I decided to paint some up and they've really been looking neat.  If anyone wants to check them out you can find them as Star Wars Command in stores.  Really inexpensive and decent looking.  I plan to use some generic rules and make a game with them myself.

To the left is a pic of the Yoda figure I just finished.  These models are quite small but still bigger than your common 28mm figures.  They might be close to the Tamiya line of military figures found in small packages.  This guy started out as plain injection molded plastic.  He had a coat of gold paint on him because he was the special character in the package though.  I simply cleaned him and re-primed and then painted it like any other figure.  I still have a lot more of these to work on but I'm planning to keep them simple so they should go quickly.  I think Chewie is up next!  Really if anyone else gets interested in these let me know.  I'm pretty excited about them myself.

I also want to get a look back at my Infinity models sometime.  I never completely finished my Nomads and I have a remote that needs some repairs in fact.  If I get any of them more nicely done soon I'll post them up.  As it is you're more likely to see 40k progress though.  At least there I've got a lot cooking already.  A little spoiler is that I just might have an old Kharn the Betrayer to work on.  Never know til it pops up here I guess.

Alright, that's it for now.  Hope to be back again soon with more!